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"John from Peaked Hill Apiary was great! He was able to come out the day after we contacted him and he removed a sizable colony of honey bees from our shed as carefully and efficiently as if he was working on his own home. He clearly loves bees and took the time to answer all our questions about removing our bees and preventing another colony from moving in now that they are gone. Highly recommended!
                                                                                                  ~ Sheila, Weare, NH

"John was very knowledgeable and efficient in his approach to removing bees from our house. He's also a great guy and we enjoyed dealing with him. I would highly recommend him."
                                                                                                  ~Bill, Windham, NH
" John, Thanks for helping me with my bee problem. The way you came over right away on a Friday night and removed the swarm is a true testament to the kind of customer service you provide. I will be happy to recommend you to others if the opportunity arises."            
                                                                                                ~Brian, Nashua, NH
"I contacted Peaked Hill Apiary after a failed attempt to remove a very large swam of bees that had moved from my house to a limb on a pine tree in my yard. I discovered the bees on a Friday morning and called Peaked Hill and spoke with John Larsen. I explained the problem and mentioned that I was having a large party on Saturday afternoon with appx. 70 attendies. At this point John said he'd be out to my house on Sat. by 6am. Later that Friday afternoon John called me and said he wanted to come out Friday night. John arrived at 10:30 pm, suited up in his protective gear and got to work. To my amazement John captured appx. 20-25,000 bees. He left my house at 1:30 am and the next day there were just a few bees. The party was a blast, no bees in site, thanks to John. His services are outstanding. I highly recommend Peaked Hill Apiary. Thanks again John."
~John, Windham, NH
"I contacted Peaked Hill Apiary for help removing a large hive in a very difficult location. As I had dealt with another company the previous summer only to find that my problem returned, I had reservations as to whether the removal could be effective. I was also concerned about the removal being as minimally invasive and humane as possible. It turned out that I could not have chosen a better company- Peaked Hill Apiary was knowledgeable, thorough, and professional... they exceeded my expectations in every way. Thank you!! I will recommend Peaked Hill Apiary to anyone with bee problems in the future (should bees ever decide to go somewhere else besides my place)."
~Hannah, Manchester, N.H.
"We had lots of Bees in one of our trees at the beginning of our driveway right as you pull in and needed them removed. We called Peaked Hill Apiary and talked to John (Larsen), he said he would come ASAP. I called him and he came out the next day . I did not expect him to come so quickly. I want to thank John for helping us to get rid of them. John also answers all questions you ask . He is GREAT! I would refer him to anyone."
~Shirley, Salem, N.H.
"John Larsen quickly turned what started as a sudden and worrisome backyard development into an engaging episode of "Nature". My wife and I were both fascinated by the process of removal, which proved to be very effective, professionally done and fun to witness. Most importantly, we were able to save both our beautiful Catalpa tree and the bee colony. We could not be happier with our whole Peaked Hill Apiary experience. Thanks again, John." 
~Jim, Manchester, N.H.  
"John Larsen from Peaked Hill Apiary provided a most efficient, extremely informative and friendly service in the removal of a honey bee swarm on our property. Very professional, I would highly recommend his proficiency for any such problems. He is truly concerned with the declining numbers and therefore, preservation of these "most important" pollinators."
~Linda, Londonderry, N.H.
“The level of service from Peaked Hill Apiary, L.L.C. was fantastic. I had
bees in the wall of my home; they came in and removed them with very
little damage and inconvenience. I was very impressed by the professionalism
of workers I came in contact with. Thank you!”
     ~Krista, Manchester, N.H.
“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. Peaked Hill Apiary, L.L.C. was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!” 
 ~Ray, Kingston, N.H.
"One day in early September my wife noticed a large wasp’s nest on one of the branches of a bush – it was about the size of a large grapefruit at the time, and very active. It was growing bigger by the day. Peaked Hill Apiary came to my house, put on their protective gear, and got right to work. Within about a half hour they had the nest, which by this time was the size of a melon removed. Within a few more days all the remaining wasps were gone and it was safe to use the yard again.  They did a very professional job, even making sure post signs telling people walking along the street to cross over to the other side so they wouldn’t be stung. My wife and I couldn’t have been happier with the results. I would recommend Peaked Hill Apiary to anyone with a wasp or bee problems." 
~Steve, Concord, N.H.
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