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Pollination Services
We are now taking orders for this growing season. Colony rental fees are listed below and are dependent upon the crop and your location, we do require a two hive minimum for commercial growers. Here is what you can expect from us:
  • Healthy, strong and productive colonies in well-maintained equipment.
  • Grower/Keeper Inspection of Colonies, so you know our bees are performing to your standards.
  • Pre-placement planning so our bees are in your orchards or fields when you need them, where you need them. 
  • Sensible contracts, with option for automatic renewals.
  • Year-round communication so you know if our services will continue to meet your needs. 
$35 for Residential Garden or Orchard Pollination per month, per colony, per location.**
$65 for Commercial Garden Pollination per colony, per month, per location early bird contract; otherwise $85.
 $45 for other ongoing commercial field crops blooms per month or on negotiated basis*, where row rotation or moving required**.
$85 for Orchard Pollination fruit and flower bloom per month, per colony, per location (two strong colonies per order)
 $55 fee per hive where hive rotation or moving is required Orchard Pollination fruit and flower where row rotation or moving required**.
*We still believe in the barter system.
**Gasoline Surcharge: at cost when gasoline exceeds $3.50 per gallon for round trip shipments from Bristol, N.H. or Wilton, N.H. or travel when rotation or moving is required.
Pollination Orders are subject to pre-approval for colony availability and location placement. Peaked Hill Apairy, L.L.C. pollination orders require a written pollination contract. Our order form is intended and created for authorized pollination clients and customer payment purposes, bids and requests. Individuals wishing to employ Peaked Hill Apiary, L.L.C. hereby agree to certify that either you do not use pesticides or will notify us and identify use 48 hours beforehand and you agree to notify Peaked Hill Apiary, L.L.C. at least 48 hours prior to any pesticide use by you or your neighbors.
Please contact us by filling out the request form below. Include your name, address, company, the number of colonies you are requesting, estimated required delivery and removal dates, and a daytime/evening phone number, for what kind of crop or orchard, and the placement location(s) of each hive colony in the comment box.
Pollination Service Request Form
Please see  pollination contract prior to filling out request form. See above link.
The following form is strictly used for availability inquiries and is not a purchase agreement
Pollination Service Desired
Residential Pollination $35.00/colony/mth
Commercial Garden Pollination EB $65.00/colony/mth
Commercial Garden Pollination $85.00/colony/mth
Orchard Pollination $85.00/colony/mth/loc
Number of Hives Desired:
When are you requesting sevices?
Payment Options:
Cashiers Check
Business Check
Please enter contact information below:
City, State, Zip:
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