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Honey bee Colony and Swarm Removal
Prepared in part by Wm. Michael Hood
The honey bee, Apis mellifera, is our most beneficial insect. We must do all we can to protect bee colonies, which contribute as pollinators for many of our fruits and vegetables.  We should do everything possible to salvage honey bee colonies that become a problem in structural walls and on our property.
If you notice a swarm or a colony on your property or home call us as quickly as possible. The removal of a swarm is easier to have a swarm cluster removed from your property before it moves to a permanent location, such as a wall cavity, where it will be more difficult and expensive to remove.  We will come out right away and remove the problem.  Do not attempt to remove a swarm yourself. Please contact us for their removal. Honey bees will defend themselves and their colony if threatened.
Honey bee swarming season normally occurs during the months of May and June, although there are exceptions. This is the time of year when swarms may enter the wall of structures and become a pest problem. The population of honey bee colony may contain between 20,000 to 100,000 bees, depending on the time of year.
If you discover a swarm or colony of bees...
  • Avoid the area and keep children and pets away from the swarm or colony.
  • Do not attempt to control the bees yourself.
  • Call the professionals at Peaked Hill Apiary L.L.C.
When a property owner suspects that a honey bee colony has entered the wall or roof of a structure, he/she should attempt to confirm the insects are indeed honey bees.
WARNING: Honey bee removal from structures is not a job for a person who has never worked around stinging insects or even a novice beekeeper. Sometimes, this work is done while standing on a ladder with hundreds of angry bees trying to protect their home. Bee removal can be unnerving to even the experienced beekeeper and lead to accidents. Please do not attempt to remove honey bees, call us you will not be disappointed.
The beekeepers at Peaked Hill Apiary,  L.L.C. are experienced in honey bee removals and will remove the bees and their comb for a fee. Peaked Hill Apiary, L.L.C. will make every effort to minimize damage to dwelling while removing bees and their comb but does not assume responsibility for repairing any damage due to the removal of bees.The homeowner assumes responsibility for repairing any damage cause by Peaked Hill Apiary, L.L.C. due to the removal of bees. Peaked Hill Apiary, L.L.C. will refer carpenters upon request to assist in the repairing of dwellings. 
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